Monday, November 15, 2010

My Sister’s Wedding/Bespoke Jewellery

We are all looking forward to my sister's wedding next month - she has asked me to be chief bridesmaid, a role that I am really looking forward to. I love getting dressed up, my dress is just gorgeous, but being chief bridesmaid does bring problems of its own. She buy V-neck spaghetti straps lace wedding dresses

Cathy, my sister, is very particular and, understandably, wants everything to go smoothly. She has asked me to co-ordinate everything for the other bridesmaids and that involves ensuring we all have exactly matching dresses, flowers and jewellery. No problem with the dresses as they are all being made in the same design and material for us, the flowers we have chosen are just beautiful, but it's the costume jewellery that has proved to be the problem.

Let me start by explaining that there are five bridesmaids ranging in age from 5 to

35. Four of us have pierced ears, but one does not. Cathy wants all the earrings and necklaces to be identical, no compromise. Cathy wanted us to have pearl necklaces with just a hint of diamante or crystal, just a little bit of embellishment. I tried so many shops, boutiques and jewellers, but although I could get matching necklaces and pierced earrings, I had absolutely no luck with the clip on earrings.

Eventually I found a mail order costume jewellery site and went online to ask for their Eternal Collection catalogue. When it arrived, the letter accompanying the catalogue stated that they could alter necklace lengths upon request and could offer clip on earrings and pierced versions in most styles of earrings. I couldn't believe my luck!

I called them and spoke at length with a really nice and very helpful guy. Turns out they could make whatever I wanted, but to cut a long story short, in the end I bought four pairs of pierced pearl earrings and one pair of clip on pearl earrings all with a hint of diamante, along with five pearl and diamante necklaces - all the same size pearls, but different lengths to suit the different ages. All this within 48 hours as well! They had some really beautiful costume jewellery to offer and were so helpful I don't really know why I was worrying at all.

So we're all set, dresses, flowers, jewellery - we've got Cathy's approval (that's the main thing) - now I can't wait for the wedding - roll on next month!

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