Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miss USA Arrested with DUI Charges

Ex- Miss USA Arrested with DUI ChargesUSA Arrested on DUI Charges.jpg

Ex - Miss USA Rima Fakih can be adding an unfortunate completely new title to your ex roster: defendant.

Fakih, twenty six, who captured your Miss USA crown truly, can be facing drunken driving charges from weekend arrest in Highland Park your car, Mich.

Fakih Tweeted on Thursday: "Let's clear things in place now.... I am just NOT in Mich and I'm NOT with jail! Drastically wrong Fakih. " But the write-up has since been taken away, along with on Sunday the woman attorney Doraid Elder proved the arrest.

Older had few information on the arrest but claimed Fakih's record "has an excellent single blemish, inch adding that the sweetness queen is "very saddened and also apologetic for the circumstances that she's in at the moment. inch

In May 2010 Fakih became the primary Miss Michigan to gain the Miss US title since 1993 along with the first Arab American previously to win the contest. The girl competed for Neglect Universe later that season but lost.

Authorities offered no information on the arrest. Along with on Sunday, the wonder queen was first in good tones, Tweeting: "A long run generally gets me stimulated! Its time to produce football Sunday foodstuff. ".

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